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Bulk cargo inspection

Hatch and Hold condition survey
  • Check the suitability of the ship's hold for the transport of specified steel products.
  • AgNO3 testing
    To eliminate the presence of seawater (Ion -Cl) in the cargo holds.
  • Draft Survey
    A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. Our experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.
  • The vessel draft survey measures the displacement of the water both before and after the loading or unloading, with the resulting difference between the two displacements representing the weight of the cargo. Our surveyors work according to defined international guidelines when determining the weight of the cargo and consider several key factors while making their surveys.
These factors include:
  • Water density of the sea, river or other waterway
  • Changes in the ballast quantity between initial and final draft readings
  • Changes in the vessel’s consumables (e.g. fuel oil, drinking water) between initial and final draft readings
  • Trim and deformation corrections (we use data from the vessel’s draft tables)

The accuracy of a weight determined by draft survey also depends upon the sea conditions (pitch and swell) at the time of loading or discharge.

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