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Dry Docking Survey

The main objectives of this particular survey is to ascertain the nature, cause and extent of the damage sustained to the vessel and verify if the

Cargo hold cleanliness survey

On completion of the site survey, [Nopico] will issue the report for the customer.*Neccessary of Watertighness surveyLoss of weather-tight integrity

Ship’s holds Hatches water-tightness surveys

Ship’s holds/ Hatches water-tightness is to check the condition of related structures in the ship's hatch such as ship's hull, hatch cover, hatch

Bunkering inspection

Bunkering inspection or bunker survey is quantity inspection and quality inspection when supply bunker (FO and/or DO).Quantitative inspection for

Bunker Survey

With bunker survey, our experienced surveyors will:1. Conduct a full initial gauging of all the vessel’s tanks and record the actual initial quantity

Ship condition Scope H&M inspection

Condition survey is very important to:Determine damageServe ship maintenance planDetermine the status before and after the hire (on-hire/off-hire) to
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